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IKS Educational

The school aims at helping kids to learn a lot of skills through an educational curriculum and these skills are:

1-Developing communication skills which enable kids to learn writing and reading.

2-Helping kids to build their self-confidence and respect.

3-Developing the kid’s independence and responsibility feelings.

4-Teaching kids the social skills like respecting elders, listening to their teachers and helping the kid to be innovative.

5-Making new friendships and relations.

6-Gaining experience in Math, Science and social studies.

7-Learning to use technology.

grades 1 to 4

IKS uses the British curriculum in different subjects like English, Math, Science and Technology.

Elementary stage is the corner stone to build the student education building construction. On this stage students are provided with the correct directions, skills and experiences. Elementary stage has got many objectives; the most important of all is to demonstrate the Islamic thought and belief inside the kid and taking care of his upbringing through the Islamic rules, either in ethics, body, mind or language.

*Training the students to pray and follow the moral values.

*Developing the basic skills concerning movement, numeral and language skills. Providing the students with the suitable information in all different fields and topics. Acknowledging the students with God’s grace, either in them or in the surrounding environment and that is fulfilled by appreciating the manual works.

*Developing patriotism inside the kids.

*Encouraging the students to achieve learning goals and doing charity works.

*Training students to make use of leisure time.

*Preparing the students for the later stages in Education.

grades 5 to 10

1-Providing students with suitable experience and knowledge to be able to identify the general basis of culture and science.

2-Encouraging the students to gain knowledge and training them to contemplate and follow the recent scientific discoveries.

3-Developing the different mental abilities of the students and behave them with moral values.

4-Training the students to serve their community and country.

5-Training students to make use of their time by reading or making creative activities.

grades 11 to 12

Education in Iks is divided into two sections: Monolingual and Bilingual, in order to go with the higher education demands. Scientific labs are available in the school, which is distinguished by its highly qualified teachers of all nationalities, either Arab nationalities or foreign nationalities,

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