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Respected teachers, parents and students.

Greetings to one and all,

I would like to congratulate you in the beginning of the second semester and also welcome you all to our new school website. This site is remarkable, educational and interactive one. Everything related to our school, campus, curriculum, staff, meetings and timetables are included here.

Only on our site you will get all your queries concerning your child.

Dear students,

As we promised you, we are always keen on building a direct relationship with you, considering that our job is to provide students with scientific and cultural information and ethics emanating from the spirit of all religions and cultures.

The school policy is to give great interest to each and every student, to prepare them for future with all qualifications and tools that make them successful and have the best career, believing that every student cane succeed somehow.

It is imperative that I admit that my inexhaustible effort and my giving are what is only a drop in the sea of the teachers’ giving and everyone who works in the school. With all your efforts we will inevitably reach the successes and advancement of our students for the highest level.

All the best for you all. Keep the hard work!


The school Strategy goals
  1. Achieving progress for school employees and professional development.

  2. Improve students’ levels and achieve parents’ satisfaction.

  3. To increase the strength and the school good name in the market.

  4. Achieving the maximum degree of interaction between the school and society.

  5. Providing a high quality educational atmosphere connecting students with their school.

  6. Providing an educational atmosphere that help students to be creative.

  7. Providing a fully equipped school building with all security and safety tools.

  8. Guiding grade 10 stunts to decide the selective subjects according to their levels and interests.

Ibn Khaldoun Private School

The school message:-

  1. Providing a fully equipped building and following all the safety rules.

  2. Providing professional and highly qualified teachers.

  3. Providing a distinguished school administration

  4. Connecting school with family and society.

  5. Employing modern technology in education.

  6. Understanding internal and external evaluations.

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